Empowering Change: The Active Bystander Conference by the Hollie Gazzard Trust

Posted on March 4, 2024

Did you know that an investigation by UN Women UK (2022) found that 97% of women ages 18-24 had been sexually harassed, with a further 96% not reporting those situations because of the belief it would not change anything. 

22% of girls aged 7-12 have experienced jokes of a sexual nature from boys. 

Therefore, in the pursuit of creating a safer and more supportive community, the Hollie Gazzard Trust is gearing up to host the Active Bystander Conference at Hartpury University in Gloucester on 10th July 2024.

This incredible event aims to bring together a group of up to 100 individuals from various walks of life to understand how to safely intervene in potentially harmful situations. 

The conference promises a dynamic day of discussions led by prominent industry and academic experts, focusing on the empowerment that an Active Bystander programme can bring.

The goal is to inspire a culture of intervention and support, equipping attendees with the tools needed to stand up against harassment, abuse, and violence.

The event’s significance is underscored by its venue, the esteemed Hartpury University, known for its commitment to education and creating a sense of responsibility within its community. The Active Bystander Conference aligns seamlessly with the University’s values, making it an ideal host for this impactful gathering.

To facilitate meaningful discussions, the conference is limited to 100 attendees, ensuring an intimate setting where participants can engage actively with the speakers and fellow attendees.

The registration fee is set at a reasonable £50 per attendee, which includes lunch and refreshments, making it an opportunity for anyone passionate about creating positive change.

The day kicks off with registration at 9 am, creating a welcoming atmosphere for participants to network and connect before the conference officially commences at 10 am.

The timing of this allows attendees to settle in, enabling a sense of community and shared purpose right from the start.

For those ready to embark on this journey towards empowerment, registering for the conference is a straightforward process.

You can click the link here and if you have any specific dietary requirements, you can e mail to advise of this.   

The Active Bystander Conference wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of its sponsors. Hartpury University takes pride in being the headline sponsor, further emphasising its dedication to creating a safer environment.

Additionally, the conference is sponsored by Fraser Allen Estate Management and Elmrep, demonstrating the collective effort to champion this cause.

As we anticipate the discussions, networking opportunities, and shared insights at the Active Bystander Conference, it is evident that this event has the potential to spark positive change.

By equipping individuals with the knowledge and tools to intervene and support, we are collectively taking a step towards creating a society where everyone feels empowered to stand up against harassment and violence.

Together, we can be the change we wish to see in the world.

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