Block & Estate Management

Every block is different, and every lease is different. That’s why we sit down with new clients to understand their needs and create a bespoke management approach. 

Block management is the practice of managing and maintaining communal spaces and infrastructure for residential blocks. 

As block management professionals, we work under the instructions of residents’ flat management companies (RMCs) or directly to freeholders of properties.  

Our duties include relaying communications between the clients and contractors when maintenance or repairs are necessary for shared spaces like gardens, stairwells and elevators.  We act as intermediary between various parties to ensure compliance and to adhere to the terms of the lease.  

Some of the duties of block management professionals include:

Maintaining services and infrastructure

One of the primary duties of block managers is to work with residents to identify problems in shared spaces before scheduling repair work or servicing on their behalf. The type of repairs depends on the property, but it’s common for block managers to help with repairs for elevators, lighting, garden areas and other communal areas. Block management requires fast response times to address these issues quickly. In some cases, the requests are emergencies, such as leaking water or a loss of power to elevators.

Handling insurance and policy claims

As block management involves property maintenance, it typically requires dealing with insurance companies. We place insurance for the Building itself, Engineering, Public Liability, Directors and Officers, Employee Liability (if required) and any bespoke requirements depending on the development.  

Conducting site inspections

Block managers or agents typically visit the buildings they work for regularly to inspect the properties for damage or safety concerns. To ensure safety, block managers benefit from being compliant with industry standards and regulations, so site inspections are a way to ensure this. These inspections also act as opportunities to speak with residents and identify any problem areas in the building, such as mould, exposed electrical wiring or other hazards.

Providing accounts and additional support

Working in block management usually involves solving problems for residents, which sometimes incorporates additional support services like accounting. This ensures all contractors receive payment for their work on a residential block, with block managers making payments on a resident’s behalf. They might also provide administrative support or set up meetings between residents and property managers to discuss property issues.